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 Are you planning to rent a moving container? The use of moving containers is one of the safest ways to deliver your items but some of the items aren’t suitable to keep inside the storage container so you must need to know about it before packing and moving your belongings into your new residence. Let’s take a look at the items that you should never keep inside your moving container.

Every moving company has certain policies regarding the valuable items that you can’t store in the moving container So you need to prepare a separate personal box to keep all those items secure during your moving journey. The valuable items that you should avoid storing in the containers include Money, Jewelry, Furs, Firearms, Computer software or programs, Credit cards, Medicine, Financial documents, Sentimental items, Family heirlooms, Electronics, Medical and dental records, School records, Laptops, Collections, Keys, Checkbooks, Photo, Photo albums, Car titles, and Cell phones.

There are also chances that your moving company won’t allow you to add the plants in the moving container so before packing the plants you must check the respective site from where you are taking moving services.  The chemical-containing materials that you need to avoid include Fertilizer, Paints, Paint, thinner, Aerosols, Cleaning solvents, Propane tanks, Poisons, Motor oil, Charcoal, Pool chemicals, Scuba tanks, Pesticides, Batteries, Acids, Charcoal lighter fluid, Fire extinguisher, Gasoline, loaded guns, Nail polish remover, Ammonia, and Matches.

Perishables or unopened food can be very risky to add to your moving container so the better approach is to Avoid packing perishable food such as milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and refrigerated food items. On a moving day, you should discard or donate all those items to someone who likes to have it. If you looking for a more trustworthy moving company, visit Moving companies San Rafael and start a successful move.

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